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Bridgestone Tires Potenza S-02A

Original Equipment (OE) tire on select vehicles. See Sizes and Specifications for Original Equipment fitments. Engineered for control, response and cornering Impressive wet and dry performance Precise handling and steering response Delivers a thrilling ride

Price Range:
$200.50 - $417.32(ea)

Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
024285 295/30ZR18/XL (Y) n/a 98 0 NULL $417.32(ea) buy
146710 285/30ZR18 NULL n/a 0 0 NULL $397.45(ea) buy
038072 265/35ZR18 (Y) n/a 93 0 NULL $309.47(ea) buy
119296 255/40R17 Y n/a 94 0 NULL $250.83(ea) buy
146693 225/40ZR18 (Y) n/a 88 0 NULL $235.85(ea) buy
087955 215/45ZR18 (Y) n/a 89 0 NULL $238.97(ea) buy
004007 205/50ZR17 (Y) n/a 89 0 NULL $200.50(ea) buy

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