Shipping Policies

 All shipments are shipped within 10-14 days on packages and 5-7 day on only wheels orders. This EXCLUDES forged orders that are not in stock items they have build times from 2-8 weeks please allow up to 10 weeks for products to arrive. A buisness address is requested for delivery due to the size of the items they will arrive via frieght on a semi. IF a buisness address is not given extra charges can and will apply up to $250 residential delivery fee.

What Is Your Return Policy?
Any returns or cancellations, without the tires mounted on the rim will likely carry a 20% restocking fee. Once wheels/tires have been mounted on the vehicle we are not able to accept a return. If you have any concerns about fitment, simply share those concerns via email, before you place your order, and our experts will work with you to get a perfect fit! Due to the fact we move quickly, it’s important to notify us immediately if you have concerns.

You are responsible for test fitting wheels before having tires mounted. Once tires have been mounted, we are unable to take them back even if there is a fitment problem. For package purchases, you are responsible for test fitting before driving on the wheels. Tires with mileage on them cannot be returned.

All suspension/accessory items being returned that are not warranty related CANNOT have been installed or attempted to be installed. If we receive a return that shows signs of installation we will not be able to accept the item and will have to return to sender with no credit being issued. Always contact us with any issues or return questions, we will always work with a customer, however understand that most of our items are very expensive to ship so we must recover these costs, unless the mistake is ours.


Can I Trade My Old Wheels For A Credit Toward New Wheels?
Nope. We only deal with new wheels. Sorry.


Damage Upon Receipt – Upon delivery (or pick up at a local terminal), be sure to inspect the complete wheel and tire package BEFORE signing any documents! If damaged, be sure to make FULL NOTES on documents (Bill of Lading) BEFORE SIGNING and accepting shipment. Unfortunately, while it is rare, due to the size and complexity of shipping large packages across the country, damage can occur and it MUST be noted with the shipping courier before signing and accepting the shipment. Damage caused by the shipping courier qualifies you for a replacement and/or credit ONLY IF all damage is noted with the courier BEFORE signing the documents (Bill of Lading). If the damage is NOT noted upon receipt, this alleviates all liability of the courier and we must open a damage claim and see it through to completion before reimbursement (if any) is allotted for the damages. Please notify us immediately if there is damage and send us pictures via email to james@perfectionwheels.net so we can document the issue and come to a resolution as soon as possible!


Fitment is the responsibility of the Customer, don’t know? PLEASE ask.

You will see many of our customers go beyond the “conservative” fitment offered my manufacturers and “guaranteed” by our competitors. They are doing this by making modifications and trimming plastic and sometimes metal to make the wheel/tire combo fit.

For this reason, we fill the order as you have placed it with the assumption you will make the appropriate modifications to fit the wheel/tire combo.

When you provide the correct make, model (and version if applicable), and year information about the vehicle we do verify bolt pattern, TPMS sensors and lug nuts (these items we guarantee fitment).

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