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SCORPION ATR Tires by Pirelli®. Season: All Season. Type: All Terrain / Off Road / Mud. The Scorpion ATR is Pirelli's On-/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tire developed for pickup, crossover and sport utility vehicle drivers that want to combine on-road civility with off-road capability. The Scorpion ATR is designed to master long highway journeys, wet roads and the challenges of winter driving by combining paved road comfort and handling with rough terrain grip and maneuverability.

Price Range:
$169.25 - $757.44(ea)

Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
2748300 p205/80r16xl t extra load 104 1984 50 $194.73(ea) buy
2135800 255/60r18xl t extra load 112 2469 50 $266.02(ea) buy
2625900 325/55r22 h standard load 116 2756 44 $757.44(ea) buy
1617500 lt225/75r16/8 s d 110 2337 65 $235.70(ea) buy
3566000 275/50r20xl v extra load 113 2535 50 $444.13(ea) buy
2869200 205/70r15 t n/a 96 1565 44 $169.25(ea) buy
1831200 p265/60r18 h standard load 110 2337 44 $284.12(ea) buy

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