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Firestone Tires Destination M/T UNI-T

The Firestone Destination M/T offers off-road and all season performance for light trucks. Featuring an aggressive tread pattern and reinforced construction, this tire delivers wet, dry, mud and off-road traction

Price Range:
$327.82 - $410.74(ea)

Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
245587 LT245/75R16/E Q n/a 120 0 NULL $327.82(ea) buy
245604 LT265/75R16/E Q n/a 123 0 NULL $341.94(ea) buy
245621 LT285/75R16/E Q n/a 126 0 NULL $350.08(ea) buy
245655 LT255/75R17/C Q n/a 111 0 NULL $338(ea) buy
245723 LT265/70R17/E Q n/a 121 0 NULL $358.53(ea) buy
245740 LT285/70R17/E Q n/a 121 0 NULL $335.25(ea) buy
245859 LT285/65R18/E Q n/a 125 0 NULL $410.74(ea) buy

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