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Cooper Tires Trendsetter SE

The Trendsetter SE is Cooper's entry level all-season tire line targeted to the value-oriented consumer. The affordably priced Trendsetter SE is available in sizes that fit a wide range of older to later model automobiles.

Price Range:
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Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
90000008031 p225/75r15 s standard load 102 1874 35 Call For Price
166313011 p205/75r15 s standard load 97 1598 35 Call For Price
166315011 p235/75r15 s standard load 105 2028 35 Call For Price
90000003277 p215/60r16 s standard load 94 1477 35 Call For Price
90000008021 p155/80r13 s standard load 79 0 35 Call For Price

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