For many years we have been detailing almost all of the new car dealerships in our area. We will start with opening all doors, trunk, and hood, clean door jams, degrease motor, spray protectant on motor, close all doors, trunk, and hood, then remove all bugs and road grime, hand wash then dry, remove tar, clean interior, clean and condition leather seats, if cloth shampoo them, also shampoo carpets, and floormats, fabric and stain protectant is available, we will clean the dash, all cup holders, and everything else inside, yes I said everything! Then of course we will apply a fresh coat of wax, machine polish, or hand wax, your choice. Once the wax is removed we will clean all windows, inside and out, make sure the trunk was cleaned, tire dress the wheels and clean the rims, check everything over to make sure it was done right and when you come pick your car up you will think “Why have I waited to do this? My car looks brand new!


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