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BFGoodrich Tires G-Force Sport Comp-2

• ACCELERATE FASTER. Best dry traction vs. the competition2on the track for 100% more fun on the street.1 COMP-2 Compound - Silica-infused 'COMP-2' compound is derived from racing technology and delivers sharp steering response and leading grip in wet and dry conditions, without sacrificing tread wear.
• BRAKE SHORTER. Stops up to 16 feet shorter in the wet3and even up to 9 feet shorter in the dry4for more control entering the corners. Sport Tread Design - g-Force Sport tread pattern provides proven stability and maximum cornering power while g-Hooks provide biting edges for grip at any cornering angle.
• CORNER HARDER. More control for precise cornering with 30% better wet and 8% better dry grip.5 Performance Racing Core (PRC) - Internal structure features a reinforced construction that delivers increased responsiveness, control and durability, as well as serious control in hard cornering.

Price Range:
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Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
77147 245/45zr20xl w extra load 103 1930 50 Call For Price
88750 235/50zr18 w standard load 97 1609 51 Call For Price
11558 225/40zr18 w standard load 88 1235 51 Call For Price
29304 255/50zr16 w standard load 99 1709 51 Call For Price
26006 245/40zr18 w standard load 93 1433 51 Call For Price

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