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Nexen Tires Roadian MT

Mud has met its match! The Roadian MT is specifically engineered with deep grooves to combat the demands of mud and rougher terrain. Expressly designed shoulders and a super rigid tread block design maximize load durability. Zig-zag shoulder blocks matched with optimized wide grooves accomplish outstanding driving power, excellent water drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance on and off roads - wet or dry.

Price Range:
$172 - $221(ea)

Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
10674NXK lt31x10.50r15/6 q c 109 2270 50 $212(ea) buy
10658NXK lt235/85r16/10 q e 0 3086 80 $221(ea) buy
10667NXK lt235/75r15/6 q c 0 1985 50 $172(ea) buy

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